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 You can buy the token by going to the exchange

ICO Pre-Sale is live

Round one sales ends in:
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

  • Available Token 120 MLN
  • Platform Ethereum
  • $ 120.000.000

Current Distribution $7,000,000 Hard Cap

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Our Partners


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

About SG20


The Mission is based on the facilitation of new projects, new business ideas through relationships with investor partners that we personally take care of. Swiss Group Network promotes business projects particularly aimed at innovation being a point of connection between investors and entrepreneurs. Projects are not made only with money but with the passion and professionalism of people.

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SG20 The team has Developed a Powerful system .which is Ready for Upcoming changes.

Flexibility & Easy to Use

We are Upgrading Our Technologies for a Better future.
.You can Buy and Sell, Send or Receive token Easily in Short Time.

Most Credibility

We are Creating SG20 community That can Help Each other for a Better and secure Future.

Big Data Insights

SG20 Developed Safe and Secure, smart and easy-to-use platform


    How SG20 Works?


    Four people… one vision! What distinguishes Swiss Group Network from others is a strong propensity to improve the lives of people of all ethnicities starting from the concept of sustainability; a key concept in the choice of projects. Innovation must absolutely serve to improve the quality of social and economic life and have a very low environmental impact.

    Blockchain Technology

    Swiss Group Network The idea of SGN and the realization of SG20 The idea of SGN is simple, to give everyone the opportunity to access certain services that up to now were addressed to institutions and professional investors. But how to give this possibility to everyone? How can a large number of people have access to this restricted area? The answer was unequivocal. The Blockchain and the realization of a different Utility Token. The idea was there! It served only to put it in practice

    SG20 Functioning

    The SG20 Token is based on a highly established ERC-20 technology, a technology that has taken over, thanks to the technical and programming features of the blockchain of ETHEREUM. In Ethereum, ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment. These are technical documents that define the programming standards on Ethereum. Once created, new ERC-20 tokens are automatically interoperable with services and software that support the ERC-20 standard software wallet, hardware wallet, exchange, etc.


    Token Name


    Number of tokens for sale

    120 MLN




    Acceptable currencies



    Utility ERC20

    Token Distribution

    • First phase private sale Reserve of 30 million
    • 7 million in presale on STEX
    • 3 million for AIRDROP
    • 10 million for marketing partners
    • 15 million private sale of the second phase
    • 5 million second phase sale on STEX or other Exchange
    • 5 million second phase sale on STEX or other Exchange

    Our Team

    Ceo and Co-founder of the SG20 project
    Co-founder of the SG20 project
    Co-founder of the SG20 project
    Dir. Import Export
    Gianluca Rago
    Client Manager
    Ruslana Frizyuk
    Client Manager
    Teresa Chicarelli (Tex)
    Board Executive responsible for communication
    Claudia Guiducci
    Client Manager
    Carmen Petrelli
    Front Office Manager
    Caterina Iannazzo
    Client Manager

    CLS Team

    Vladigor V.
    Sam Zhuravlev
    Client Manager
    Nikita M.
    Senior Client Manager
    Maksim Marin
    Senior Software Engineer
    Igor Olefirenko
    Senior Account Manager
    Andrey Baral
    Client Manager
    Nikita Azov
    Head of Account Management
    Gleb Kashev
    Client Manager
    Anastasia Bogolybova
    HR Generalist
    Software Developer
    German Kovalyk
    Client Manager
    Alex Lermontov
    Senior Developer

    Where SG20 is present

    Frequently asked questions

    The idea of SGN is simple, to give everyone the opportunity to access certain services that up to now were addressed to institutions and professional investors.

    Swiss Group Network is a network specialized in the promotion and dissemination of innovative projects through the established levers of online and offline marketing and Blockchain infrastructure.

    ou can currently purchase the token by going to the exchange

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